Bladed Rigs


The all-new 5-wire, 7-wire, and Charlie Walker FLASH rigs from Castaic.

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The Lucky 7 – 7 blades, 5 wires – the ultimate in umbrella rigs!!

The 5-Wire, 3-Blade rig is all about aggression!  When bass are on the feed bag, this rig shines.  5 lures give the illusion of a school of baitfish and added flash from 3 willow blades makes this rig a beacon for hungry predators.

And the Charlie Walker 2-Blade rig gives you the ability to fish close to the bottom, but still have the flash and thump of blades.  This rig adds one final twist to our arsenal of ‘Bama Rigs.  Flash, along with a weedless presentation is something no other rig on the market can accomplish.

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Tennessee Shad, White Snowflake


Lucky 7, 5-Wire 3 Blade, Charlie Walker 2 Blade


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