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Trophy Tech Catalog

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The Boyd Duckett Series

The BD Series, exclusively by 4-time B.A.S.S. tour winner and Bassmaster Classic champ Boyd Duckett.

If it looks like a fish and swims like a fish, it’s gotta be a Castaic!

You have found the home of the world’s original swimbait company, Castaic! Perhaps no other family of lures have accounted for more lake, state and world record bass than Castaic Swimbaits. This includes the 9th largest documented largemouth bass ever caught, and another bass that may have been the world record. These are lures withproven track records of big fish.

Whether you‘re a diehard tournament bass angler looking for that one heavyweight “kicker” bass, a dedicated lunker hunter seeking the bass, pike, muskie, walleye, or striper of a lifetime, or a weekend angler hoping that your next cast will be “the one,” you need look no further than Castaic.

We invite you to browse the most impressive line of swimbaits available today, and then take each lure for a “test swim,” watching video clips of each lure swimming underwater. You’ll see why we say “If it looks like a fish, and swims like fish, it’s gotta be a Castaic!”


Toray Powergame, Cape York Barramundi on a 5″ Castaic Jerky J Swimbait

FLW Tour Pro Todd Hollowell and Castaic Swimbaits

A big bass eats a Catch 22

Check out these awesome anglers using Castaic swimbaits.